Excess Professional Liability Coverage


Excess Professional Liability Coverage

The Primary insurance included during your registration for your practice permit carries a professional liability protection limit of $2,000,000. Excess Liability is recommended to protect you against damages that exceed your $2,000,000 limit of insurance.

The $2,000,000 included with your practice permit can be exhausted quite quickly with an increasingly litigious society and costs of defence. Excess Liability up to $23-million per claim is available in addition to your primary $2-million.

Excess coverage will give you the ultimate peace of mind. The following are just some of the scenarios that can affect you and your Dental Practice:

• Nuisance or baseless claims due to a false idea that a dentist will simply pay to avoid the cost of litigation.

• Malpractice suits often require costly specialized council and expert witnesses.

• Lawsuits for malpractice often don't settle quickly, especially if there are multiple defendants.

• Damages exceeding your primary limit may affect your personal wealth and asset.