Prodentia Non-Practicing



Dentists who are no longer practicing or have retired from working have coverage options to protect them in the event a suit is brought against them from their previous work.

Key coverages available:

Dentists who are planning to retire or stop practicing:

For those who are currently a practicing dentist and have decided to retire or cease practicing in Alberta after renewing their Practice Permit and purchasing primary professional liability insurance extended coverage is automatically included for the following period:

• 5 years -$2m per loss / $4m aggregate at no additional cost

Retired or Non-Practicing dentists wanting to refresh limits every year:

Annual limit option: (Prior Acts Coverage)

The Extended Coverage option above includes a single limit over the extended policy term (5 years). Annual coverage with refreshed limits each policy year is also available.

This annual limit option may be more practical for recently retired practitioner's, and may be converted to the longer term at a future date.

• 1 year $2m per loss / $4m aggregate