Below is a brief overview of some of the frequently asked questions we have compiled. Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions.

For Alberta, coverage is included and integrated with your practice permit renewal. 

The program is designed to be straightforward, uncomplicated and will be included in your practice permit.  For practice permit renewals, and for new registrants, there will be a short registration process of 2-4 questions to implement this coverage.  Overall, we expect this process to be very smooth and seamless.

ProDentia is managed by Alberta based Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd.  who have offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Bonnyville.

The managing general agent is Victor Insurance Managers Inc.

The college will NOT have access to any specific claims data.  We will receive generic data (number of claims, type of claim and dollar amount). There will be no names supplied by either the broker or the managing general agent.

No, if you have a valid practice permit, you will be guaranteed coverage.

There is a claims reporting link on this website as well as posted on the program webpage via the member portal which will allow members to directly report claims to the managing general agent (Victor) who will also notify the Broker. No data will be passed to the college other than anonymous aggregate data for reporting purposes.

Coverage under Professional Liability policies is on a Claims Made and Reported basis. This means the policy responds to allegations made during the policy period regardless of when the incident in question actually took place.

Immediately notify your current broker of any incident you believe could give rise to a claim. Incidents/claims must be reported as soon as individuals first learn of an allegation, claim or that one could potentially be brought against them. This is extremely important as coverage could be denied if the individual does not advise in a timely manner or jeopardizes the potential of an early defence, should it be required.  You will also be required to answer a question with respect to claims on your annual practice permit registration.

Every province in Canada has their own requirements with respect to limits required for dentists medical malpractice insurance in order to be licensed. If the province where you are practicing requires higher limits you can buy excess to meet required amounts.