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Your practice faces a variety of legal risks on a daily basis. From hiring and firing staff to disputes with suppliers and clients, a legal issue can quickly arise, resulting in substantial losses to your business.

A dentist dismisses an employee after he repeatedly arrives late and misses several appointments. The employee commences a wrongful dismissal action, alleging discrimination. ProDentia Legal will assign an employment lawyer to the case and legal costs will be covered to defend the business.

A customer alleges that a dentist did not provide all of the services agreed upon, and refuses to pay for services rendered. ProDentia Legal will assign a lawyer to the case to pursue the customer and retrieve the amount owed to the business.

A business sends Daniel, a sales rep, out to do some offsite client meetings. On the way to a meeting, he trips and falls due to an unsafe city sidewalk. ARAG will appoint a personal injury lawyer to represent the sales rep to bring legal action against the city.

A dentist is under investigation by a provincial authority after an unfortunate workplace accident. ProDentia Legal will appoint a lawyer to defend the business owner during the investigation and for any charges laid.

The parking lot of a dental office is constantly filled with cars from a neighboring apartment building. Customers have no where to park and the business is suffering as a result. ProDentia Legal will appoint a lawyer to take legal action to address the business’s problem.

The Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) is auditing business expenses and demanding anon-site review of their records. ProDentia Legal will retain a tax lawyer to assist with the audit

ProDentia legal will retain a lawyer and assist dentists with regulatory investigations and hearings.

ProDentia Legal offers unlimited access to a general Legal Helpline to discuss any legal matter, even if it is not covered by the policy. The Legal Helpline is available from 8AMto12AM(local time), 7 days a week. In an emergency, your call will always be answered 24/7.

Coverage provided by: ARAG Legal Solutions Inc.